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Global Advisor Group provides comprehensive financial planning services. Our advisors are well versed in a variety of financial planning areas, including, but not limited to:

Asset Consolidation

Do you know where your money is? Perhaps you have recently changed jobs? We can help consolidate your assets to one location, enabling you to have one financial “quarterback” guiding you, all of your assets on one consolidated statement, and one website to easily monitor your assets.

Education Planning

College for a child or grandchild is a worthy goal, and thanks to many financial solutions, an achievable one as well. With many new college savings alternatives available, it is critical to choose the one that’s appropriate for your situation. Our financial advisors can help you plan properly for family college funding goals.

Group Retirement Plans for International Employees

Global Advisor Group can work with your organization to establish a US-based retirement plan for your US citizen employees.

Institutional and Foundation Asset Management

Global Advisor Group has decades of experience in assisting international organizations in developing investment policy guidelines to support foundations and institutions. We work with dozens of asset managers to allocate portfolios in adherence to these guidelines to ensure fiduciary compliance within your organization.

Investment Planning

When it comes to money, specifically your money, we believe there is no substitute for having an experienced, professional partner on your side. We can help you consolidate all of your assets, enabling you to have one financial “quarterback” guiding you, on one consolidated statement, and one website to make it easy to monitor your investments. And, as world events influence financial markets, finding the appropriate investments grows more challenging ­– our financial advisors will give you personal attention to help you make the right investment decisions for your situation. We offer a wide range of investment products to suit your personal investment strategy and your portfolio for the long term.

Retirement and Longevity Planning

As an ex-pat, we understand that you may not have the same opportunities to contribute to Social Security, or other US-based retirement accounts. Most of us recognize the importance of sound retirement planning, but few of us embrace the effort involved. No one wants to outlive their money, but the reality is, we are living longer and spending more time in retirement than ever before. We can help you plan for a long life, factoring in new expenses as your life evolves, such as increased healthcare costs and long-term care. Whether you are just beginning to build your nest egg or nearing retirement, our advisors can develop a customized plan for you!

Risk Management and Insurance Planning

We can help you identify potential insurance needs and find carriers who work with clients living outside of the US.

Tax Planning

U.S. citizens working overseas can claim certain exclusions (Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and Foreign Housing Exclusion) and/or credits (Foreign Tax Credit). Our financial advisors understand how these exclusions and credits can impact your investment, retirement, and tax planning strategies. With our expertise in this specialized area, we can help you take full advantage of the exclusions and credits you claim, allowing you to potentially generate unearned income with little or no tax consequence. Every investor’s situation is unique, which means it is important to discuss any tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional.